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Chalk Over Pineapple

Hundreds of street artists from all over the world came together last week for the 6th annual Sarasota Chalk Festival. With Legacy of Valor as their theme, the artists worked an average of 36 hours to create 2D and 3D chalk paintings in 12′ x 12′ sections of South Pineapple Avenue in Burns Square. Many continued to fine tune their pieces through out the last day of the event.
Sarasota Chalk Festival Artist
Sarasota Chalk Fest Art

The Chalk Festival is part of The Avenida de Colores non-profit organization. The fest costs over a whooping million dollars to produce and is funded by sponsors, contributors and donors. It attracts street artists from all over the US and a sizable group from other countries. Participating artists can qualify to get their travel, lodging and supplies paid for by the festival. I love that!

My favorite part of the Chalk Fest has to be the three-dimensional art. I’m always amazed by how an ordinary chalk image can come alive and pop out of the asphalt when seen through the lens at a step-ladder viewing station. This 3D art was especially popular with spectators who waited in long lines to take a look.

Sarasota Chalk Fest Waiting

I visited the Chalk Fest mid-afternoon on Sunday and it was very crowded. Some sections were so popular that it was difficult to see the artwork. No worries though! I went back on Monday morning and managed much better. Note to self- make better plans next year. This is a wonderful event that will continue to attract bigger and bigger crowds. For sure.

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