Do You Tervis?

I moved to Sarasota, from California, in 2004 with my husband and two sons. People in Sarasota are quite nice and soon we had new friends. It didn’t take long for us to notice that several of our friends didn’t use regular drinking glasses, they used insulated plastic tumblers. And not just any old tumblers, but Tervis tumblers. The people all raved about their tumblers – so much so that we went out and bought a bunch. This is not a sponsored post, we really like these things.

Tervis Tumbler Assortment

Now, most of our drinking glasses have been replaced by the popular tumblers. I find myself saying what others had said to me – Tervis tumblers are great because they keep cold drinks cold, hot drinks hot and they don’t get covered with condensation. They’re also BPA free, dishwasher safe and microwaveable. But wait, there’s more! Tervis tumblers come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

Tervis Tumblers Overhead

According to the Tervis website, the double-walled tumbler was invented in Detroit in 1946 by engineers Frank Cotter and G. Howlett Davis. Cotter and Davis combined the last three letters of their last names to form the name Tervis. The Donelly family runs the business and has done so since acquiring the product rights from Cotter and Davis in the 1950’s and incorporating in 1967. All Tervis products are made just south of Sarasota in Venice and they employ about 700 people.

Tervis Tumbler Patches

A few years ago, Tervis enlisted the help of Sarasota-based printing comany Trinity Graphic to help expand their customized tumbler business. Trinity’s challenge was to find an alternative to the standard embroidered patch insert which was a time-consuming process and offered limited design options. Trinity found the perfect solution in a wide-format UV inkjet printer, which prints directly onto clear polyester sheets. The Tervis designs are cut to size and easliy inserted into the wall of each tumbler. The image looks just as good from the inside of the tumbler as from the outside.

Tervis Tumblers Sarasota Film Fest

This process allows Tervis to place virtually any image into their tumblers, no matter how complicated. The Sarasota Film Festival tumblers pictured above are a perfect example. In addition to custom work, Tervis has licensing deals with the NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA, and Disney, just to name a few.

Tervis Tumblers Moll Z Designs

And they license designs from artists like Molly Z, who designed these floral tumblers – which I absolutely love. Molly is featured in the Artist Series video below which was made for Tervis by my husband, Craig Worsham of 82 West Marketing.

Every once and awhile I contemplate switching back to drinking glasses, but the mood passes quickly. I’m sticking with Tervis tumblers for everything but wine… I just can’t switch from my wine glasses to the new… wait for it….. Tervis wine goblet. Just can’t do it!

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